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Interact With School Girls in Tentacle Locker Game!

Tentacle Locker game is based around player's interactions with female students. Player must use a variety of methods to capture girls, including luring them into secluded areas, using special items,charm, and persuasion. Once a girl has been captured, player can choose to either keep her in his locker or release. If player of Tentacle Locker free play chooses to keep a girl in his box, he can then use her for a variety of sexual acts, including rape, oral and anal sex. This game is something that I have been wanting to play for a while now. I have seen some Tentacle Locker download for PC gameplay and it looks like a lot of fun.


Graphics are pretty good. Colors are bright and vibrant. Textures are well done. There is a good amount of detail. Animations are smooth, soft takes place in a high school setting, and majority of Tentacle Locker full version game's objects and characters are 2D sprites. Backgrounds are 3D, but they are not particularly detailed. Graphics in this game are pixelated, but it's not that bad. Backgrounds in Tentacle Locker free online are nicely animated, girls are very well designed. You can see everything and there are no censored parts.


Gameplay is pretty good. Controls are easy to learn and use. Software Tentacle Locker on MAC is easy to pick up and play. You are playing the role of a creature with tentacles. A flexible limb is hidden in the closet or what you call a locker in high schools and colleges. So, it grabs high school girls and takes them into that locker. During the game, you must catch different girls to collect all types of them.


Controls are easy to use, replayability is high. Player must use arrow keys while play Tentacle Locker online to move around the school. You also must to use "A" and "D", and Space to interact with girls.


The game is replayable. There is a lot of content to unlock, and the game is entertaining to play. The only thing that I would say is that Tentacle Locker download for PC for free could be a little more challenging. This game is relatively short, but it does have a lot of replayability. It does get a bit repetitive, but developers update it regularly.


  • How can APK be downloaded for Android?
    You can download it from any of third-party APK providers.
  • Why do you need to download and install APK on Android?
    You need to install because it is not available on Google Play Store.
  • Is it safe to use APK file of Tentacle Locker play free?
    Files are generally safe to download and install. However, you should always check APK file before installing it on your device.
  • Can I update app from Play Store when a new version is released?
    No, you will not be able to update app from Play Store. You will need to download APK file from a third-party site and install it on your device.
  • How do I install an APK Games file?
    Just open APK with your favorite file manager and install by tapping on it. If installation does not start then you need to enable unknown sources from your Android settings.


Overall, Tentacle Locker game download is pretty good. Graphics are good. Gameplay is good. Software is replayable. Product is a simple game in which player takes on role of a creature who must use his wits and charm to capture and control female students in the school. Program is heavily focused on sexual content, features explicit scenes of tentacle rape and other acts.

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